The Ferguson Report
Number 1 · March, 1999
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News & Gossip:
WebMD Buys SHN and DMK, Files to Go Public

WebMD Inc. of Atlanta, has acquired two promising but struggling online health companies, SHN of Portland, Oregon and Direct Medical Knowledge of Sausalito, California.  [ ... more]

Necessary Reading:
New Rules for the New Economy
by Kevin Kelly

When it comes to insights into the Information Age, Kevin Kelly, Executive Editor of Wired magazine, is a visionary's visionary. He is also the author of many of that journal's best pieces.

Kevin has now expanded and rewritten my favorite of all his Wired articles, "New Rules for the New Economy" (September 1997) into a remarkable new book that fully lives up to its subtitle: "10 Radical Strategies for a Connected World."  [ ... more]

The Ferguson Report's Outstanding Achievement Awards:
Edward J. Madara, Mary Jo Deering, and Warner V. Slack

As a part of our efforts to recognize the pioneers of online health, we will be presenting a series of awards. Our first three go to the following individuals.  [ ... more]

Original Research:
E-Patients Prefer eGroups to Doctors for 10 of 12 Aspects of Health Care

Don't like the news? Go out and make some of your own. Bill Kelly, vice president of Sapient Health Network (SHN) and I decided to do exactly that. We were having breakfast at a Portland restaurant when Bill invited me to compose a survey for members of S HN's online support communities. I sketched out a rough draft on a paper napkin.  [ ... more]

News You Can Use:
New Dot-MD Domain Now Available

Doctors, start your browsers. Physicians now have a great new opportunity to choose the domain name of their dreams.

John Harris, CEO of Domain Name Trust of Bonita Springs, Florida, has contracted with the ex-Soviet Union country of Muldovia to offer the .md top-level domain name. Dr. John Smith can now be Marcus Welby can be And h is three key staff members could be,, and  [ ... more]

Your Contributions to Our Next Issue

We invite your input for future issues. We're especially interested in your suggestions for Sites 2B Seen, Recommended Reading, Industry News & Gossip, and your questions for Doctom's FAQ. We also welcome your criticisms, comments, love notes, death threats, wild ideas, unfounded rumors, rants, raves, and press releases. Please send to Tom Ferguson at  [ ... more]

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