The Ferguson Report
Number 6 · October, 1999
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Key Concepts:
"Doctom's Top 10" from the Intel/IHC Meetings

Intel's Internet Health Day II (Oct 12) and the Internet Healthcare Coalition's Annual meeting (Oct 13) provided two intense days of networking and idea exchange. Here are my own personal "Top 10" take-aways. For more on the meetings, including online videos of many of the presentations, check out the conference Web sites, found in the article.  [ ... more]

Our New Website

I'd like to welcome you to The Ferguson Report's new Website. You can browse through our present and past issues, read our Statement of Purpose, and find guidelines for signing up for your free subscription. The current issue of The Ferguson Report is displayed on our Home Page.  [ ... more]

Your Contributions to Our Next Issue

We invite your input for future issues. We're especially interested in your suggestions for Sites 2B Seen, Recommended Reading, Industry News & Gossip, and your questions for Doctom's FAQ. We also welcome your criticisms, comments, love notes, death threats, wild ideas, unfounded rumors, rants, raves, and press releases.  [ ... more]

Feature Article:
Patient-Helpers and Physicians Working Together: A New Partnership for High-Quality Health Care
by Tom Ferguson, M.D.

Note: The following article, originally slated for this issue, was expanded at the request of the Intel Internet Health Initiative team. It was published by Intel and distributed to all attendees at Intel's Internet Health Day II.

In January 1998, at age 38, Karen Parles, a 38-year-old librarian at a major New York art museum, learned that she had lung cancer. "My doctors told me it was incurable, that I had only a few months to live," she recalls. "I'm a lifelong non-smoker, so the whole thing came as quite a shock. I was pretty overwhelmed at first. But as soon as I could, I went onto the Internet, looking for information. And I asked all my friends to help.  [ ... more]

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